Who’s who at JuicyChain

JuicyChain is governed by a non-profit foundation, initiated by Refresco and Eckes Granini, and supported by IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative.
Its remit is to develop, manage and support a scalable open source blockchain for the juice industry, with minimal entry barriers and minimum maintenance costs.
The Board of Directors represent the foundation members and is comprised of Heikki Hirvonen, Corporate Procurement Director at Eckes-Granini (Chair) and Coert Michielsen, CPO at Refresco. Heikki is new to the role, having taken this over from Holger Schlenger, Chief Information Officer at Eckes Granini in November 2022.
The Board meets quarterly and holds a General Meeting annually. 
Get involved
If you’d like to join this movement which is ‘for the industry by the industry’ and help to shape and further develop JuicyChain, get in touch today. There are opportunities to join as a member or active member.
Members use JuicyChain to share data with their supply chain partners, but not for marketing purposes.
Active members use JuicyChain to share data and also use it as a marketing tool. They also contribute to the future development costs of JuicyChain.
All members have the opportunity to submit development ideas twice a year. These are reviewed and discussed during the Board meetings and followed up accordingly.