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JuicyChain is a blockchain-based traceability platform, designed to support improved transparency, accelerate the uptake of sustainable juice volumes and support customer and consumer-facing communication on sustainable juice.

Join us to be part of a frontrunner movement, driving traceability, transparency and sustainability in global juice supply chains.

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People love fruit juice

The only constant in today's world is change. This offers both opportunities and challenges. Health, nutrition and sustainable sourcing are very important elements in this respect.

Juice continues to be popular as a natural product. Consumers increasingly want confirmation that what they are drinking is healthy, and that it adds value to all involved in its production. 'Good' in the sense of having been produced fairly, without harm to the environment and produced with as few resources as possible.

Consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility, and that they realize that their choices have the power to create change.

As an industry, we need to rise to the occasion and act. We need to rethink how we utilize resources in the future AND how new technology can help us work together in driving change and serving the needs of consumers.

With JuicyChain, we give consumers proof that what they are buying is a good product. Consumers can see for themselves what their product contains and where it comes from.


Towards 100% Sustainable Juice

JuicyChain is designed to promote sustainable juice across the value chain, accelerating the journey towards 100% sustainable juice by providing trust, transparency and traceability at every step.

JuicyChain is designed to create added value for all actors in the juice supply chain, from Growers to Processors, Bottlers, BrandOwners and Retailers in to Consumers.

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Increasing the value of the supply chain

Tell sustainability story

JuicyChain enables supply chain partners to tell the story of sustainable juice easily and efficiently.

New model

Create a new model of compliance monitoring and auditability for the Sustainable Juice Covenant.

Increase value for all

Promote sustainable juice across the value chain

How is JuicyChain organized?

JuicyChain is a non-profit foundation, initiated by Refresco and Eckes Granini, and supported by IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative. JuicyChain is developing the blockchain solution together with The New Fork as its IT-Provider.

We are actively looking for new members to join our movement, and shape and further develop JuicyChain together as the juice industry!

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Join our movement

We are actively looking for new members to join our movement, and shape and further develop JuicyChain together as juice industry!