Our Foundation

How is JuicyChain organized?

JuicyChain is managed by a non-profit foundation, initiated by Refresco and Eckes Granini, and supported by IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative. JuicyChain is developing the blockchain solution together with The New Fork as its IT-Provider.Companies can become members or active members in the JuicyChain Foundation.

The difference between Active members and Members

Active members are using JuicyChain as a marketing tool and contribute to the future development costs of JuicyChain. Members use JuicyChain to share data with their supply chain partners, but do not actively use JuicyChain for marketing purposes.

Role of IDH in JuicyChain Foundation

IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative is not a member of the Foundation. IDH holds an active role as the Advisor to the Board of JuicyChain Foundation.

Communication towards members

JuicyChain Foundation will hold a General Meeting annually and all members can submit development ideas to the Foundation twice a year.

We are actively looking for new members to join our movement, to shape and further develop JuicyChain together as juice industry!

Get on board

JuicyChain is unique: it has low entry barriers and features autonomous onboarding. The costs associated with joining JuicyChain and how these will be structured will be shared in a separate document. Send your inquiry by submitting our contact web form. Get onboard and Join JuicyChain now !